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Marcell Ozuna receives retroactive 20 game suspension due to domestic violence charges

Marcell Ozuna’s punishment was officially handed down from the league.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Milwaukee Brewers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

For months now, the fate of the Braves’ Marcell Ozuna has been in limbo as MLB investigated the domestic violence charges against him. While the initial police reports regarding an incident with his wife were very shocking, subsequent legal developments that seemingly downgraded his culpability as well as his time on the injured list both complicated those investigations and decisions as well as removed the perceived urgency in reaching a decision.

Today, on the day where a million transactions were taking place, MLB handed down its verdict.

Ozuna will not miss any further games as a result of the domestic violence charges against him as the 20 game suspension that MLB handed down retroactively included the games he missed while he was on administrative leave during the 2021 season. How the loss of pay will be handled was not outlined although one imagines it will either result in Ozuna paying back the amount owed or will just be deducted from his future salary (he is still owed $48 over the next three years).

Now, the onus is on the Braves and whether or not he will take the field for the team again because, as of now, he is cleared to play starting Opening Day 2022.