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MLB kills deal for Rays to split time between Tampa Bay and Montreal

Looks like the Rays are going to have to figure out a new plan for their home park.

Tampa Bay Rays v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Ever since the Rays announced some time ago that they were pursuing a plan that would have them split their home games between Tampa Bay and Montreal once their lease at Tropicana Field runs out in 2027, it has created a healthy mix of bewilderment and intrigue. On the one hand, the logistics of having two home parks and the subsequent travel weirdness made plenty wonder the point of such a move. On the other hand, it was an intriguing option for teams in smaller markets to potentially expand their fanbase and, in the Rays case, would bring MLB baseball back to Montreal for the first time since the Expos left in 2004.

However, it seemed like it was full steam ahead with those plans, however weird they may be, until the news today.

Now the Rays are in a bit of a predicament as they currently don’t have a place to play once the lease at Tropicana Field runs out and it is....difficult to say the least to get new stadium plans rolling quickly. We will find out more once the Rays’ principal owner, Stuart Sternberg, speaks to the media at 1 pm EST, but it seems like a new stadium in the Tampa area or even full relocation of the franchise could be on the table.